My ex was so cheap he made me pay him to give me a lift home instead of a taxi’

TikToker Hannah Collins has revealed how her date previously refused to give her a lift home, unless she gave him the money she would pay for a taxi

We’ve all had our fair share of bad dates – but have you ever experienced a date trying to make a profit out of you?

That’s exactly what happened to one girl, after the man she was seeing refused to give her a five minute lift home from his house, forcing her to call for a taxi as a means home.

But, just as she called to book her taxi, her date suggested he give her a lift home after all – but only if he could pocket the money she was going to pay to a taxi driver.

“So one time this guy I was dating, I was going to get a taxi from his because he was too lazy to drop me home,” TikTok user Hannah Collins, who goes by the name @hannahcollins4376 on the app, explained.

“So I was ordering a taxi and he goes ‘why don’t you not get a taxi and give me the money for the taxi and I’ll drop you home.'”

She continued: “So he dropped me home then and obviously in my head I thought he was joking, I’m obviously not going to give him money for a lift home. As I proceeded to get out of his car he said ‘do you have that cash there?'”

“By the way, this guy was older, he was grown,” Hannah added.

However, after sharing the dating horror on TikTok people were left with divided, with some suggesting he had good business sense and others branding him “icky.”

“Girl pls don’t tell me you gave him the money,” one person commented, to which Hannah replied: “I gave him the money.”

“I agree it’s very strange from him but you do sound very entitled,” another suggested, prompting Hannah to respond: “I seem entitled to expect to not have to pay £10 for a 4/5 minute journey home?”

A third joked: “That ain’t broke, that’s good business,” while a fourth wrote: “I would have slammed the door in his face and said hahahah bye.”